History of the Coffein Compagnie

Refining great coffee since 1931

The Coffein Compagnie was founded in 1931 by Dr. Erich Scheele. Relying on a combination of new extraction methods and equipment, Scheele’s goal was to improve the taste of decaffeinated coffee by allowing more of the coffee flavor to remain in the bean. But Scheele not only loved a fine cup of coffee. He had also realized that the 'specialty market' for decaffeinated coffee was on the rise, and that the Coffein Compagnie was in a unique position to offer coffee roasters of the time access to this specialty market. Continuous improvements in the taste of decaffeinated coffee, coupled with technical expertise, allowed the Coffein Compagnie to offer coffee roasters the possibility to obtain and to market superior decaffeinated coffee. Throughout its history, the principles upon which the Coffein Compagnie was founded have prevailed. Just as then, today's customers can depend on three things – product excellence, decaffeination know how and customer service. And, remaining true to Scheele’s aim for a tasty cup of decaffeinated coffee, these principles continue to build the framework for the future of the Coffein Compagnie.