Mission Statement

Delivering Reliable Quality and Expertise

The Coffein Compagnie has been refining green coffee and natural caffeine in Bremen since 1931. Our founder, Dr. Erich Scheele, dedicated himself to producing the finest cup of decaffeinated coffee possible, and continuing this tradition, our goals today are no different. Our ability to use different decaffeination processes, in combination with our product and technical expertise, puts us in the unique position to offer superior decaffeinated coffee to our customers worldwide. In addition, we give our customers the opportunity to choose from a range of services that can enhance efficiency and quality assurance, and support an environmentally friendly supply chain. 

Our business depends on delivering reliable quality. In a world of accelerating change, we develop by focusing on our customer’s needs and expectations. We believe in fostering good customer relationships by conducting our daily business with long term orientation. This orientation includes respect and appreciation for our business partners, our employees, our community and the environment.

Coffein Compagnie Code of Conduct