Our Business Values

There are certain values that have driven our business and shaped our culture over the decades:

We believe in acting ethically in all dealings.

We encourage openness in reporting, feedback and ideas. We understand that people make mistakes and seek to learn from them.

Co-operative Management
We foster an atmosphere where employees and management can work together in a respectful and constructive way as partners, and strive for a constructive relationship to the Works Council.

Social Responsibility
We have strong considerations for each individual’s circumstances, both professionally and personally, and seek to build a long term employee-employer relationship.

Environmental Protection
We seek to continuously improve the use of resources and support environmentally friendly production and logistic processes.

Responsible Business
As a part of the European coffee business, we believe in the principles of a responsible partnership with the countries of origin. In particular, we support the measures aimed at sustained quality-oriented planting and the improvement of the commercial and social situation of the coffee farmers.