Full service partner

From the countries of origin to the doorstep of the roasting plant – the Coffein Compagnie is your reliable and efficient partner for all your logistic needs. The Coffein Compagnie works together with logistics firms that assure the quality standards that we require throughout the entire supply chain. We are able to offer individualized logistic solutions, including environmentally friendly concepts. On request, customs clearing can also be incorporated into our logistic program.

J. Müller Weser is Coffein Compagnie’s partner for the unloading, blending and storage of incoming green coffee in Bremen. The firm is located in the harbor of Bremen and handles all containers at Pier Holzhafen, directly in front of the storage facility. This location makes it possible to move green coffee in a flexible manner by barge, train, or truck. Coffee can be delivered either in bulk or in bags, and can be stored either in silo cells or in a facility especially designated for bags. J. Müller Weser thoroughly controls all of the incoming green coffee. Its well trained and skilled staff takes samples and checks all containers for irregularities. The samples are then sent to the Coffein Compagnie for further quality controls. Once quality control is complete, the green coffee is handled according to the directives of the Coffein Compagnie and its customers.