CC Water Decaffeination


We are pleased to announce that the construction of our new CC Water Decaf production line has been completed. The new plant is located at our Bremen facility and completes our unique ability to offer a choice of three CC decaffeination processes to our customers.

This is how our water process works. The water decaffeination starts with a steam treatment to loosen the silver skins so that they can be removed from the coffee beans via a circulating airflow.  For the subsequent extraction, clear water acts as the solvent and activated carbon is used to separate caffeine from the extract solution.  The coffee beans are gently dried in preparation for their subsequent saturation with the decaffeinated extract. After saturation with the extract solution, the beans are then dried with warm air, reducing the elevated water levels to their natural moisture content of 11 to 13 percent.  The decaffeinated coffee beans are then cooled, polished and ready to go.

Our CC Water Process is designed and certified to be used for BIO or organic coffees. It is also designed to preserve the true taste of the original coffee. And finally, our CC Water Process is designed to allow for tracing from cup to origin.

We are looking forward to delivering in the second quarter of 2021.  For further information, please contact Mr. Maico Willig,