Our Coffee

Reliable quality and more

Coffee beans are a product of nature, a circumstance that any refining process must respect. The Coffein Compagnie refines a vast range of coffee qualities and types, each of which has its own particular character and flavor. They vary in caffeine content, moisture and bean structure, and therefore require different standards of pre-moistening, water steam treatment and decaffeination. Our coffee knowledge, in combination with decades of processing experience, insures the gentle extraction of caffeine and unwanted coffee components under moderate temperature and pressure conditions. This leads to the preservation of the original qualities of the coffees. Before our coffee products are released to our customers, they must stand up to both organoleptic and analytical quality controls. The results can be seen in the bean and tasted in the cup.

In addition to top quality refining of the highest processing standards for all coffee blends, the Coffein Compagnie’s customers also have access to world wide coffee acquisition through our experienced traders and to futures trading against New York ‘C’ contract or London’s LIFFE. Because of this, our customers are provided with favourable green coffees and optional price fixing. Logistics, including storage and global just-in-time delivery, are also part of our comprehensive customer services.