The CNC was founded in 1988 in Ibagué (Tolima). In 1995, the company began to export, offering special coffees with new trademarks that identified the regions of the Tolima Area and other zones of the country. Since 2008, CNC is located in Manizales. When the Coffein Compagnie restructured its Colombian businesses, the share in CNC was raised to a 100 % ownership. Today, the company produces and exports Colombian Excelso coffees with the highest quality and security standards. The coffees are being shipped from the ports of Buenaventura and Cartagena.

The qualities of CNC are the following:

Tolima Excelso Especial
The region Tolima is located in the center of Colombia.  In the south of Tolima are mountainess hillsides with excellent climatic and environmental conditions for the production of this mild, middle acidity coffee.

La Ceiba Supremo
This special Colombian coffee grows in the shade of silk–cotton trees, which are named “Ceiba”.  Its beans are big and uniform (available in screen 17 / 18 or screen 18) with an intense aroma. Their taste is pleasant, mild and balanced.

Huila Excelso and Huila Supremo
Huila is a fertile, mountainess region in Colombia. Because of the high altitude, the coffee has a very mild taste and a sweet, intense and balanced aroma.

El Guadual
This specialty coffee comes from Quindío, the smallest region in Colombia. It is screen 18 and comes in 35 kilo bags. It is known for its special acidity.


Sustainable Coffees
CNC also offers the following sustainable coffees:

  • UTZ Certified
  • Fairtrade (FLO)
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified™ (RFA)