Our commitment to product excellence

The superior and reliable quality of its products and services is one of the foundations of the Coffein Compagnie’s worldwide reputation. Quality is maintained through attention to customer specifications and adequate technical and organizational quality control principles. Constant process controls, traceability, analytical quality control in a state of the art chemical laboratory, and organoleptic evaluations for green and refined coffees assure the utmost quality of our products.

Coffein Compagnie’s know how, whether in taste, in blending, or in decaffeination technology, is based on many decades of experience. Decaffeinating coffees from different origins, whether single or blended, and focusing on the taste profiles customers and consumers are looking for, have facilitated the growth of an expert knowledge base within the Coffein Compagnie. Our experienced team is an essential for our product quality and our coffee competence.

Customer’s expectations and requirements change as markets and consumer preferences change. Trying to think forward about what helps our customers and contributes to the improvement of their businesses is an essential for the Coffein Compagnie. Our quality management, which focuses not only on customer requirements but also on their expectations, is designed to incorporate mechanisms for continuous improvement, so that we can deliver superior quality not only today, but tomorrow as well.