Our Locations

We love and live for coffee – all over the world.

Bremen, Germany

The Coffein Compagnie has produced top quality decaffeinated green coffee and natural caffeine at the Bremen location for 90 years. All of the coffees undergo sensory evaluation and classification by Q Graders trained by the SCA.

Our Bremen location has been IFS Food certified (International Featured Standard, a Global Food Safety Initiative) since 2009, and it guarantees the highest level of product safety.

Since 2014, our in-house analysis laboratory has been accredited by the German national accreditation body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkks)) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025. This demonstrates that our work is performed with technical competency in compliance with legal as well as normative requirements and is comparable with that at an international level. The DAkks evaluates not only the quality of our work, but also our management system and the competency of our technical staff.

Bremen Gebäude

Long thanh, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Just like our plant in Bremen, Long thanh in Vietnam produces decaffeinated green coffee and natural caffeine. The company, located near Ho Chi Min City (Saigon), was established in 2006 by INTERNATIONAL COFFEE TRADERS PTE LTD Singapore (ICT). In 2012, a second production line expanded the capacity of the decaffeination facility. When we acquired the company in 2018, we increased our product capacities by adding another plant at which we have 80 employees. This plant has been IFS Food certified since 2019. Product quality is ensured by the plant laboratory.

Albenga, Italy

Stabilimento Farmaceutico Cav. G. Testa, a pharmaceutical laboratory founded in 1885, initially produced medications at a small industrial scale. Later, its concentration shifted to the production and distribution of high-quality, crude caffeine and green coffee extracts. Since 2019, Testa has been a fixed component of the Coffein Compagnie group of companies. Testa complies with our high-quality standards: it is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and BRC, version 7, and its production meets the HACCP standard.

Gebäude Italien

New York, USA

In order to provide personal, local service to our American customers, we established Coffein Compagnie USA Inc. in 2015. The sales office is the contact point for our American customers and processes all of the import and export business. The management team in the New York office has more than 30 years of combined experience in the coffee sector. We offer internal quality inspections and provide information about market development and industry trends for the United States and Canadian markets, and we can respond quickly to customer inquiries.

Manizales, Colombia

Since 2011 we have been the sole shareholder of Compañía Nacional del Café SAS (CNC) in Colombia. Our office at the main location in Manizales takes care of all of the direct and indirect activities that have to do with the manufacture, processing, marketing, and export of green coffee from the region. Our team works closely together with local Colombian alliances and provides excellent green Colombian coffee beans.

Our range includes coffees of the following origins:

La Ceiba Supremo
Huila Excelso and Huila Supremo
El Guadual Supremo
Certified: UTZ Certified, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance Certified