Our Locations

The Coffein Compagnie developed over the years to an international group of companies with branches in Asia, Europe and North and South America. This enables us to offer our products and services in decaffeination and production of pure caffeine worldwide.

Coffein Compagnie

Bremen, Germany

The hanseatic city of Bremen is one of the large harbour cities in Northern Germany. It contains a long tradition in coffee and trading. Bremen is the birthplace of the decaffeination of coffee, as well. For over 90 years the Coffein Comapgnie produces with 250 employees decaffeinated coffee and natural caffeine on this site. The branch in Bremen is the company’s headquarters with the group management, trading department, process technology development and the product research institute.

Since 2009 the Coffein Compagnie Bremen is IFS-certified (Global Safety and Quality Standard International Featured Standard) and guarantees product safety on the highest level. Further certifications are AEO, C-TPAT, and FDA. The in-house laboratory is accredited by the german accreditation body since 2014.

Bremen Gebäude

Coffein Compagnie Vietnam

Long Thanh, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Vietnam is the second largest coffee cultivation country in the world. The plant in Long Thanh produces decaffeinated coffee and natural caffeine in the outskirts of Ho Chi Min City (Saigon). The company formerly know as Hiang Kie Limited was established in 2006 by International Coffee Traders PTE LTD Singapore and became part of our group though our 2018 acquisition. With the integration of the plant in Vietnam the Coffein Compagnie extended their capacities by another FDA- and IFS-certified branch with 90 employees.

Coffein Compagnie Italy

Regione Abissinia, Località Lago Azzurro, Italien

Coffein Compagnie Italy formerly known as Stabilimento Testa was established as a pharmaceutical laboratory on the italian Riviera in 1885. Testa focussed on the production of pure, natural caffeine the main business was the production of small industrial amounts of pharmaceuticals. Since our 2019 acquisition with its 35 employees is a member of the Coffein Compagnie family and fulfills standards of ISO 9001:2015, BRC7- and HACCP-certifications.

Gebäude Italien

Coffein Compagnie USA

New York City, USA
To reach out to our american clients in person and offering the best service available Coffein Compagnie USA Inc. was founded in 2015. Short noticed answers to clients requests are offered with longtime experience in coffee business, internal quality checks and market informations.

Compañía Nacional del Café

Manizales, Colombia

Close to the Vulcano Nevado del Ruiz in the Andes, the departamento Caldas and its capitol Manizales is located on an altitude of 2.160 meters. In the northern part of columbian coffee cultivation regions, best requirements are given by the fertile soils for harvesting high quality green coffee beans. Since 2003 Cafe National de Colombia is taking part in the group of Coffein Compagnie by planting, processing, trading and exporting this regions coffees. Our team works closely with local cooperatives and is able to offer finest columbian qualities.


Our range contains the following provenances:

La Ceiba Supremo, Huila Excelso, Huila Supremo and El Guadual Supremo.