Our Responsibility

Wir tragen Verantwortung für unsere Mitarbeiter, unseren unternehmerischen Erfolg, die Umwelt und die Gesellsaft in der wir leben.

Our Responsibility

As a company doing business internationally in the coffee industry, we are aware of our responsibility at all times. A transparent and sustainable way of working determines the decisions we make with regard to taking social, economic, and ecological action. At the Coffein Compagnie we are continuously improving our production processes and reducing our emissions where we can, while compensating for them where we reach our limits. We also require this from our locations and partner companies around the world. As a company, we are conscious of the duties that occur outside of our business model as well.

Sustainable Production and Logistics

The Coffein Compagnie has undertaken the task of becoming a climate-neutral business by 2030. We are determined to eliminate our CO2 footprint completely within the context of available technical options and to compensate for unavoidable emissions with ecological offset projects. In addition to our production operations, this also pertains to procurement and logistics processes.

Sustainable Coffee Cultivation

The coffee industry is directly affected by climate change because the sensitive coffee plants can only grow and bear fruit under very specific climatic conditions. Today, we’re already using our location in Manizales to implement and continue to develop sustainable cultivation strategies. In this way, in addition to climate-neutral delivery and production, we ensure a sustainable value chain as well.

Fair Working Conditions

As an international company with various locations on four continents, we highly value fair and consistent working conditions. Fair compensation, regulated working hours, and attractive workplaces are the rule for our coffee farmers, production employees, and office staff alike.