Our Responsibility

Long term thinking in our daily business means respect and placing value on humanity and the planet.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets the frame and defines the way we work on a sustainable future. This contains minimizing our carbon footprint as well as the responsible usage of resources and a positive contribution to social topics inside and outside the business. Hereby we always act in boundaries set by local, legal and economical interests. We take care about our supply chain, working conditions, partners, clients and their clients. Additional we focus on the society in Europe, Germany, our city and our neighborhood.

Energy and climate impact

In terms of our climate and energy solutions we rely on technological developments and their availability. We depend on accessible energy sources and the suitable infrastructure. Since we are transforming our processes to renewable energy sources and their efficient usage, we make our contribution to reach climate neutrality.  Our high energetic efficiency is reached by a grown, complex system which is improved continuously day by day. We are committed to the goals set by the Paris climate agreement and take this motivation to further improvements.


Respect of human rights and social responsibility

Our social responsibility is of highest importance and expresses in respectful behavior, good working conditions, respect of human rights, equality and good leadership. An important principle in our way to work is the respectful and constructive cooperation to our colleagues and our social responsibility for their living conditions.

Being aware of our limited possibilities of taking influence and control we focus on our responsibility in our supply chain,  our ecological influences, the involved persons including their social circumstances as well as social engagement in general.

Schadstofffreie Umfuhr: Unser E-LKW

With the commisioning of our first full electric truck we made another step towards carbon neutral production Since summer 2023 we are able to reload most of our containers with zero emissions. We not only reduce our carbon footprint, we also decrease the direct impact of pollution and acoustic emissions for our colleagues and our surroundings.

Fair Working Conditions

As an international company with various locations on four continents, we highly value fair and consistent working conditions. Fair compensation, regulated working hours, and attractive workplaces.