New perspectives: Development of an organic decaffeination method via the water process The introduction of the water decaffeination added an organic process to the Coffein Compagnie’s portfolio, giving customers a choice of three processes for decaffeinating their coffees. Coffein Compagnie’s unique decaf choice.


Global development Coffein Compagnie expanded its core business with two additional production sites, a sales presence in the USA, and initial activities in the Asian market. The new production sites created development opportunities and offer our customers greater flexibility, and our facility in Vietnam opened up the possibility of direct supply from the second largest…


Modernization and development of the “All-in-One-Strategy“ The development of the head quarter in Bremen and the reduction of the carbon footprint are the main targets in the early 2000s. A strategic alliance with J. Müller Weser logistics sets base for a All-in-One-concept. Green coffee trading and optimized ogistic  services get integrated to a just in…


Growth of the Coffein Compagnie The continuous success in exports of decaffeinated coffee, set the base for Coffein Compagnie to become the global leader in coffee decaffeination.


Introduction of the ethyl acetate (EA) decaffeination process With the possibility to decaffeinate coffee with ethyl acetate, the Coffein Compagnie added a second process that was very well received by customers. It was clear almost immediately that an expansion in capacity was needed.


Expansion into the USA The first shipments of decaffeinated green coffee beans were sent to the USA. Specialty coffees and coffee shops became increasingly popular, creating more demand for decaffeinated coffee. This was a very important development for the Coffein Compagnie.


Company foundation Dr. Erich Scheele founded the Coffein Compagnie. Producing the best cup of coffee is what he did strive for.